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Stock Update April 3, 2019

The Ixion Models HO Scale 32 Class now has very limited numbers left. All red footplate edge locos are sold out. The only number available in plain black with a bogie tender is 3333. 3306 is sold out, but all the other lined green locos are available. Maroon 3265 is sold out, but some maroon 3201 'Wyong' models still remain. 'Centenary' lined black 3264 is almost gone. There are low stocks of all the plain black locos with six-wheel tenders. See our Shop page for what's available.

New Pricing

Ixion Model Railways - new pricing announcement

The Ixion Model Railways partnership has for some time now been discussing the affordability of modern finescale railway models. The catalyst for the decision we've made was the Editorial in the February 2018 Australian Model Railway Magazine, where Bob Gallagher wrote:  "On one occasion, our office manager explained why she would not have encouraged any of her sons to take up the hobby, the issue then being cost. The models available today are brilliant scale models, but no way can they be considered cheap.”



32 Class Locos Coming in New Colours

As noted in the current AMRM, we are planning a run of limited edition "specials" of the 32 Class. These will all be lined locos, and some will be 'namers'. There will be three different lined green locos from the 1930s, including 3266, and class leader 3201; a new short north loco in the lined maroon already seen on 3265, a sister engine from the Newcastle-Sydney express locos. 
Plus we will be doing 3264 in the gloss black lined in red and cream livery that it carried for the Centenary of the NSW railways in 1955.

The eagle-eyed among you will notice this will give collectors the opportunity to own the consecutively numbered 3264, 3265 and 3266 in lined black, lined maroon and lined green respectively. This we believe would be a first for NSW steam locos in HO scale. The production run will be after Chinese New Year next year, so delivery would be expected in April or May. Touch wood.

We are not currently planning pre-sales, nor pre-orders. You can place an order through your local Ixion retailer, or you can purchase direct from our website once the locos "go live", which will not be until they are actually on the water to Australia. If there are any left, we will of course have them at exhibitions too, until sold out. To whet your appetite, here is my Photoshop mockup of 3266 in the 1930's livery.


A Statement from Ixion Model Railways regarding the C30T Locomotive

A Statement from Ixion Model Railways regarding the C30T Locomotive

Mr John Eassie, proprietor of Austrains, has confirmed in the October issue of the Australian Model Railway Magazine and online that he intends to produce an HO scale 30T locomotive in 2017, following the announcement in early 2016 by Ixion Models of our intention to take over the production of the ex-Shrike Models 30T. Accordingly, Ixion has re-evaluated this model.

Following those deliberations, we have decided that the duplication of this locomotive by Austrains means our 30T is not financially viable at this time.

We are fully aware of the impact this may have on many modellers, especially those who pre-purchased a 30T from Shrike Models, and to whom we have previously made offers to supply replacement models. Our inability to honour those promises is a source of deep regret, but the risk of a financial loss to our small company is too great.

Ixion has no interest in producing the South Australian Rx locomotive which was also previously announced by Shrike Models.

We are happy to answer questions directed to, but advise that we will not be revisiting this decision at this time.

Lindsay O'Reilly, Phil Badger and Chris Klein,
Directors, Ixion Model Railways Ltd (UK) and Ixion Model Railways Australia Pty Ltd.

Factory Update

"There was movement at the station, for the word had passed around, that the colt from old Regret had got away..."

With apologies to Banjo Paterson, there IS movement at the station. After a laborious and diligent checking process, over 1100 Ixion 32 Class locomotives have been taken out of their boxes, examined, checked and tested at the factory to ascertain especially the accuracy of the fitting of the boiler into the firebox and smokebox. We have been impressed by the commitment of the factory to this process, but it has taken a long time for the two trained Quality Control examiners.
The packaging has been modified to prevent the loco sliding in its protective blister, the good locos gathered together and the rejects set aside. These will be remade, as attempting to separate the parts will risk damaging mechanisms, paint, and fine details. These locos will be remade at the same time as the production run of the C30T. More news on that in the days to come.

This is the list of what will leave the factory soon - we are awaiting confirmation of the actual shipping date, which I will post here once we know it.


C32 News and 7mm scale loco price cuts!

The advance shipment of 355 x 32 Class locos, airfreighted out for the Epping MRC exhibition on the June long weekend, has sold exceptionally well after all pre-orders were supplied. We have especially been bouyed by the support from shops, and would like to welcome Barnes Hobbies in Newcastle, Micromodels Hobbyland in Hornsby and the Model Railroad Craftsman in Blacktown as Ixion C32 stockists. Keep an eye on our Facebook page - linked on the Home Page of this website (scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner) for more details of the shipping dates of the remaining 1145 locos as the come to hand.

In the wake of the Brexit vote in Great Britain, the pound has devalued against the Aussie dollar and Ixion Models has decided to pass this currency movement on to our local customers. As of tonight, the Forest Green liveried O gauge Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0ST is just $344.00 plus $25 Post and Packing, and the Fowler 0-4-0 DM (in both GWR and plain green liveries) is even better value at just $326.00 plus $20 P&P. You can purchase all three locos from our online shop here on this website. Just click "Shop" on the menu bar above.